eVizitor eliminates the chances of data manipulation as all the visitors’ details are stored in a secured database. It makes visitor check-in process smoother and visitor identification easier.
Yes, eVizitor empowers you with insightful reports about your visitors. These reports can be downloaded easily in PDF format.
With eVizitor, an unlimited number of guests can check-in and check-out in a single day.
Yes, tracking is a salient feature of eVizitor and an authorized person can easily track whether the visitor has left the premises or still inside using real-time dashboard.
No. If a visitor has completed the check-in process once, he/she can simply check-in again using the same email id and phone number on revisiting the premises.
Yes, eVizitor visitor management system is compatible with Web, Android and iOS versions.
Yes, Face capture or photo upload, one of them has to be done while completing check-in process.
Yes, eVizitor can be customized. Functionalities, features or reports, anything can be added or altered based on clients’ requirements.
eVizitor offers easy to use schedule meeting feature to pre plan meetings and send invites to the guests.
Yes, all the details are stored in a secure database. These details are only accessible to the authorized person. We do not disclose or share these details with any intermediary or third party.