eVizitor Kiosk

Digitalize your front desk with our touch
screen visitor management kiosk

Modernize your workplace with our interactive self-service Kiosk and leave a long-lasting positive impression on your visitors. Our Visitor Management Kiosk is not just a visitor tracking system, it is a complete solution to streamline the entire visitor management of your premises & technically upgrade your reception processes.

Your digital receptionist

Say goodbye to front-desk staff and logbooks by bringing in our self-service Kiosk to your reception area.

Our Visitor Management Kiosk is a touch screen device with an attractive and easy-to-use interface. Any visitor can effortlessly complete the sign-in process by filling in details and having a photo captured for an instantly printed ID badge for quick entry.

Create a workplace that offers a sense of care and safety

Make your visitors feel welcomed by offering them a digital and hygienic mode of check-ins. Let your visitors enter your workplace without coming into anyone’s contact. Allow them to have a sense of care & safety with the help of our robust and innovative touch screen visitor management system.

Eliminate the risk of data manipulation

Managing heavy footfalls at your workplace can be tedious and using a conventional manual log-book for entries increases the risk of data manipulation. Visitor management Kiosk resolves the issue by storing the visitors’ details in a secured database that can be accessed only by an authorized person of the organization.

Perks of our visitor management kiosk

Enhance Visitors experience Enhance Visitors experience

Enhance Visitors experience

Grab visitor’s attention and enhance their experience by implementing our intuitive touch-screen Kiosk at your reception area, equipped with our Visitor Management System, eVizitor.
High Data Security High Data Security

High Data Security

Zero risk of data manipulation and tempering. All details of visitors are stored in a highly secured database of eVizitor visitor management system with maximum safety.
ID-badge ID-badge


Get instant visitor ID badges printed by integrating a printer with our visitor management Kiosk. These Visitor badges will have visitor’s photo and all the important details for visitor identification.
User-friendly User-friendly


The interface of our visitor management Kiosk is user-friendly and attractive. Any visitor arriving at your workplace can easily check-in and enjoy paperless entry.