Our visitor management system eVizitor brings
you a bucket full of services, altogether

Tired of using multiple systems to manage visitors at your workplace?
QUAAPPS eVizitor is the only solution you need. Right from touch less entries to visitor tracking, everything is possible with our robust visitor management system eVizitor. Whether you want to amaze your visitors with digital check-ins or reinforce your workplace security, eVizitor is the answer to all.

Welcome your visitors with our digital receptionist eVizitor and modernize your front desk. Say goodbye to predictable pen and paper logbooks and give your visitors a chaos free lobby equipped with digital check-in system.

  • Fast-track Check-ins
    Visitors can scan the QR code available at the badge to experience a fast track entry.
  • Real-time Status
    The hosts can check the real-time status of check-ins, check-outs, meeting status of their visitors via Dashboard.
  • Instant Pin Notifications
    Hosts and their visitors receive instant notifications about the check-ins & check-outs from the premises.
  • Accept & Reject Meeting Request
    Visitors can accept or reject meeting requests received from the host with a personalized notification.

Along with paperless check-ins, eVizitor offers multiple remarkable features that make eVizitor a unique visitor management solution.

  • Easy classification of visitors by selecting the appropriate option in the “Visitor Type” filter.
  • Face capture for more reliable authentication of visitors’ recognition as compared to text data.
  • NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) acceptance through Digital Signatures
  • Instant ID-Badge printing for hassle-free check-ins and check-outs.
  • Easy customization to suit different workflows of different organizations.

Find a complete suite of applications under one umbrella. QUAAPPS eVizitor is developed in such a way that the host and visitors can utilize the features across all devices.

  • QUAAPPS eVizitor can be deployed on the Web, Android & iOS.
  • Easy installation on any computer or devices like laptops, tablets, mobiles or self-service Kiosk.
  • The online visitor management solution is user-friendly and responsive on all platforms.
  • We provide complete solution right from customization to system installation.

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    Why QUAAPPS eVizitor is the best in the industry?

    eVizitor is the smart approach to replace messy log books with digital front desk. It is a one stop solution to optimize visitor management, enhance productivity and strengthen security of the entire workplace.

    The host can create a positive impact on the tech-savvy guests, to increase Brand Value.
    In-built reporting feature intelligently provides useful insights like peak visiting hours, visitors’ trend, meeting schedules for better visitor management.
    Centralized dashboard for effective visitor tracking by authorized personnel.
    Ensured safety of premises by proper documentation of visitors’ information.
    A safety-driven software that stores visitor’s details with utmost safety.

    Client Testimonial

    eVizitor’s happy & satisfied clients.

    We are proud of making a family of happy and satisfied clients by providing them high-quality services within a decided time frame. We are thankful to our clients for sharing their experience with our product and support. Here is what they say about us:

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