Privacy Policy

We know how crucial it is to protect one’s private data, and that is why we take special care in implementing these privacy policies all through our services.

Data Gathering

All the personal information that our app eVizitor collects from our patrons like their address; name, e-mail Id’s and contact number during the registration process are not shared with any intermediary.

Data Utilization

The Visitor information’s are stored for future audits and helps the customer to Check-in more hassle-freely.

Visitors’ information also enables us to process the requests and to provide them with the services and information offered through the App. Visitors Information helps us to verify the visitor’s account.

Furthermore, all your non-personal data is utilized by us to complete tracking reports. Be assured that none of the tracking data are linked to the identities of the end-user. We connect tracking information along with personal details provided by the users. And once the connections get built, all of the connection details are taken as individual information and are never disclosed to any third party.

Public Information

When a visitor visits our website or uses our App we systematically collect some public details regarding the users that do not recognize you. For instance, we collect the IP address of your system, internet service provider, the date and time when you accessed the site, the internet address of the site from where you linked our website, and the operating system. The public information that we gather is used only for website system administration purposes and to improve our website.

Children’s Personal Information

Our app may be used by Schools, Colleges, and Universities as a part of security management. And in all these scenarios the management of the Educational Institute & Organization is solely responsible for the collection of all the personal information of the children. eVizitor is not responsible for gathering data of children’s/students.

Parents/guardians can talk to the Educational Institute or Organization regarding any such cases, and only then we can be able to remove that information from our servers.

Additional Support

In different scenarios, we might utilize our details to instruct you regarding our administrations or products that are perhaps of importance to you. You can decline to have your data utilized for such purposes consistently.

If you prefer our sends or pamphlet, we consider that you gave us your authorization. You can generally quit or withdraw the help. You can get the interaction to decay one more email from any of our messages shipped off you.


We never expose your details to any middle-man. We know the security of personal details is more important and that is we take all the measures to secure and protect our user data. Only the authorized person can access the details and we use all necessary effort’s to protect Visitor’s data.

Legal Disclaimer

We hold the option to uncover your data as legally necessary and when we emphatically accept that revelation is important to ensure our privileges or potentially conform to legal action, or lawful cycle served on the Website.


We put customer testimonials on our Website which may have some personal information such as the customer’s name. We only post our customer’s testimonials if only after their authorization.

Modification in Privacy Statement

We hold the authority to edit this privacy statement at any time. And if this happens and decide to change our privacy policy, we will post the updated post to this privacy statement, so kindly review it periodically.

Contact Us for More Help!!

If you have any doubt or questions regarding our Privacy Policy, kindly contact us at the numbers given on the website or via e-mail and we will attend to your request and make any necessary revisions.