Explore all the features of our visitor
management system, eVizitor

Go Green, Go Paperless
Paperless check-in is the most significant feature of eVizitor. We believe in making workspaces environment-friendly by reducing the use of paper to the least.

Real-time Pin Notifications
QUAAPPS eVizitor sends real-time PIN notifications about check-ins and check-outs to the hosts and their visitors. Notifications are sent on mobile devices via text messages.

Visitor Check-in & Check-out Reports
Get complete check-in & check-out reports of your visitors in just one tap. These reports can be used to get useful insights by simply applying filters in dates, departments & more. These reports can be downloaded in PDF format.

Dashboard Analysis
Visitor details are stored safely in eVizitor database and can be monitored through real-time dashboard that is only accessible to an authorized person.

Invite to Meet 
Evizitor schedule meeting feature allows hosts to schedule pre planned meetings and send invites to their guests in just few simple steps.

Accept & Reject Meeting Request
Visitors can accept or reject meeting requests received from the host with a personalized notification.

Unlimited Check-ins
With eVizitor, visitors can do unlimited check-in and check-out and that too without maintaining any manual log-book entries.

Visitor Badges
A Visitor Badge is printed right on the spot after registration. The badge makes visitor identification easier with visitor photograph along with details like visitor name, mobile number, host name, visiting purpose, meeting id, date of issuing mentioned on it.

VIP Guest Entry
With our digital visitor management system, the hosts can mark their special visitors as VIPs and make them feel good along with quick entry process.

Data Security
eVizitor has complete command over visitors’ details. All the information is stored safely in our database and is accessible only by the authorized person.

Filter for Job-Applicants
Say goodbye to paper-made forms for Job applicants. Just select “Job Applicant” option in “Visitors Type” presenting a form with required fields like name, phone number, past employer, previous salary and get all details in your database.

Convenient Set-up
QUAAPPS eVizitor can be easily installed on any computer or devices like tablets, laptops, or self-service Kiosks.

Boosts Productivity
Our front desk management system eVizitor enhances productivity by streamlining visitor management and avoiding the use of messy pen and paper logbooks.

Secure Workplace
eVizitor reinforces the security of workplace by restricting unauthorized entries in the premises. eVizitor is a smart way of monitoring who is visiting, when and why.

Our application is budget-friendly and it’s easy to maintain. We have a dedicated team of professionals to help you with any software related concerns.

eVizitor is entirely customizable as per the organization’s requirements. We are open to add or alter functionalities, features, or reports based on the organization’s needs.