eVizitor Lite

Experience fast-track check-ins with eVizitor lite

No more waiting time, let the visitors experience fast-track check-ins using their smartphones. eVizitor lite is the best solution for effective visitor management of your workplace while providing hassle-free quick entries to your visitors with QR code scanning. Visitors can simply scan the QR code at the entry point with their smartphones and fill in their details to make touch-less check-ins.

A cost-effective visitor management solution

No need for computer, laptop or kiosks at your reception area, just get your QR-code printed and placed at your front desk to foster smooth touch less check-ins.  Our eVizitor lite is a cost-effective solution to leave a positive impression on the visitors. It is a reliable solution to securely store visitor data and authenticate employees.

How does eVizitor lite work ?

Visitors have to do the following steps while using eVizitor lite:
Scan the QR code available at the check-in point
User will be redirected to the Login screen
Login using the credentials mentioned below the QR code
A new interface will open up asking for a contact number
Enter contact number
An OTP will be sent on the provided contact number.
Enter OTP and fill in basic details like Name, Contact number, Address,      Purpose of Meeting, etc.
Get your visitor ID-badge

Check-in, enjoy your visit and check out.

Top features of eVizitor lite

QR Based Entry QR Based Entry

QR Based Entry

Visitor can make quick entry by scanning the QR code available at the reception area.
No Hardware No Hardware

No Hardware

No need to spend money on additional hardware. Get the QR Code and place it at the entry point for quick check-ins.
Schedule Meeting Schedule Meeting

Schedule Meeting

With the availability of QR code, visitors can schedule their meetings anytime and form anywhere.
ID Badge ID Badge

ID Badge

After scanning the QR Code, visitor can fill in their details and get an ID badge instantly.
Instant Notifications Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

Once the visitor check-ins, a real-time SMS notification will be sent to the host.
Tracking Tracking


After the successful entry to the work premises, visitors can be tracked easily by authorized personnel.
Safety and Security Safety and Security

Safety and Security

All the visitor data is encrypted and stored in the database with utmost security.
Reports Reports


Get detailed reports about visitors of your premises and manage heavy footfalls, peak visiting hours, meeting schedules without failure.