Why your workplace needs a Paper-less Check-in system?

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In the global pandemic, Digital check-ins has become the talk of the town. A majority of enterprises are finding digital logbooks as a sure-shot way of keeping their visitors and workplace infection-free & healthy. By going Touch-less, you’re able to eliminate the use of traditional manual log entries (pen and paper) to reduce the spread of viruses at a certain level.

Businesses attract a huge number of daily visitors, and for keeping a proper record of all the visitors’, manual logbook entries are not feasible at all. So the best way is adopting a Paper-less Check-in system and heading one step ahead by make the premises fully digital & secure.

The Visitor Management System is an excellent tool to perfectly execute different types of visitor management tasks such as welcoming, processing & monitoring walk-in or invited guests, and safely storing all confidential and personal information in a database.

Importance of Paper-less Check-in System:

Digital Check-in system saves your visitors precious time. Once visitors arrive at your workplace, they’re not bothered to check-in and can more promptly get to who they’re there to meet.

An automated visitor management system exponentially boosts productivity by simplifying things for your front desk working for staff. It frees them to do other office work and also boost productivity for those working staff expecting visitors by giving them a quick and easy way to connect with their desired person.

How does Visitor Management System work?

  1. Once the visitors arrive at the reception counter, the front desk staff asks them for their registered phone number.
  2. After phone number verification, the front desk staff will feed all the personal details of the Visitors
  3. Later security asks visitors’ for their photo to print an Id-badge.
  4. With the ID-badge visitor can do hassle-free digital check-ins and check-outs.

All the visitors’ information is kept by the VMS with utmost safety, and when the same visitor again visits the workplace, no need to enter personal information again, thus they can check-in more quickly.

Advantages of Installing Visitor Management System @ Workplaces

Better than traditional Logbooks:

A visitor management system is way better than traditional manual entries, as digital logbook stores data digitally & eliminates the chance of legibility and data tampering.

Eliminates the use of Pen & Paper

There is no requirement of any Pen & paper while making an entry at the workplace, making the process faster.

Effective Visitor tracking

Manual visitor tracking is a tedious and time-consuming task, but with the Visitor management system, visitors can be tracked effectively.

Unparalleled Visitor Experience

By offering a touch-less and unparalleled check-in experience to Visitors, enterprises can leave a positive first impression on the mind of their potential guests.

Saves Time

No need to wait in the queue for long hours, to do the check-ins at the gate. With the Visitor Management system, you can save your visitors precious time.

Real-time Data

You can fetch your potential visitor’s data anytime, and from anywhere through the centralized Visitor management System’s dashboard.

Infection-free working area

Touch-less check-ins are beneficial, as there will be less human interaction, leading to a healthy and infection-free working area.


Going touch-less & making your workplace more digital is a sure-shot way to eliminate the risk of deadly viruses like Covid-19. The modern approach of using visitor management solutions offers your visitors an exceptional and fast check-in experience and keeps your workplace more hygiene. So leverage these solutions and welcome your guests in a unique way.

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